Welcome to the Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research

The VT Center for Autism Research (VTCAR) was established in the College of Science to promote collaborative research on Autism Spectrum Disorders and related conditions from multiple disciplinary perspectives. VTCAR builds upon basic and clinical resources already available at VT and works closely with the VT Autism Clinic and other autism service providers to provide outreach on research findings, conduct research, and recruit participants. 

Events and Announcements


Bros United SAFE Event: December 7th

2017 VTCAR/VTAC Annual Conference March 30th-31st 

Faculty, students, affiliates, and community are invited to attend the fourth annual Autism Conference, sponsored by the Virgina Tech Center for Autism Research (VTCAR) and the VT Autism Clinic (VTAC). The annual conference will aim to present research that aligns with its core focus areas: Biomedical and Imaging, Technology, Education, and Clinical Translational. The theme for this years conference will be Advocacy. 

2017 VTCAR Awards 


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