Turning the 2004 Itasca Spirit into the Mobile Autism Clinic:

In 2018, with a generous donation from a VT Alum and funding from the Malone Family Foundation, a used RV was purchased, renovated and wrapped so our student clinicians could provide services to nearby rural communities.
Driver side view of the original white base of the 2004 Itasca Spirit 30 foot RV.
The 2004 Itasca Spirit before....
Looking into a large vehicle bay where the RV is parked and getting wrapped with a new white, blue, green wrap with mountain theme.
The RV being wrapped. Thank you Sign Spot and VT Fleet Services!
What once was the back bedroom now has a brown, two-seater sofa and two brown office chairs.
The back bedroom transformed into a space for interventions and education with families.
Dr. Scarpa in the front left foreground with the newly wrapped MAC off to the back right, with a farm setting in the background.
Clinic director Angela Scarpa and our VT MAC ready to roll!