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Becoming a VTCAR Affiliate

Affiliation is open to departments and colleges at Virginia Tech and surrounding community organizations inasmuch as their work integrates with the unifying theme of the Center to conduct cutting-edge research related to autism. Affiliates are both researchers and community members who are interested in furthering the cause of understanding and treatment of autism spectrum disorders through research.  

Currently, VTAC/CAR is composed of a multidisciplinary team of faculty and researchers from across Virginia Tech, including (but not limited to) faculty from Psychology, Biological Sciences, Engineering, Human Development, Computer Science, the School of Education, and the VT Carilion Fralin Biomedical Research Institute.  Community organizations throughout Virginia are also represented, such as CA Human Services, Mount Rogers Community Services, Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center, Virginia Institute of Autism, and Montgomery County Public Schools.

Benefits of affiliation with VTAC/CAR:

·         Research affiliates benefit from access to participant recruitment through our Registry, identification of potential collaborators with appropriate expertise, identification of funding mechanisms, assistance with grant proposals, marketing and outreach, information about our biennial conference, and access to physical space for interviews or services needed for specific research projects.

·         Community affiliates receive announcements on research findings, grants, research and professional trainings, our biennial conference, and study/research opportunities. They also can be matched with research affiliates as scientific collaborators.


Resources Available

VTAC/CAR Autism Research Registry

The Registry serves as a database of demographic information of families and individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and is used for participant recruitment and preliminary (pilot) data for future studies.

Any investigator associated with VTAC/CAR may request use of the Registry for data analysis or participant recruitment. This includes faculty, approved research staff, and students (graduate and undergraduate) with faculty support.  For students, a faculty advisor or supervisor must be named on the request form.

Recruitment of research participants, research assistants and advertising for events

We make use of our website as well as our weekly VTAC/CAR email newsletter to communicate with our affiliates and surrounding community members. If you wish to advertise an event or post information on a study for which you are recruiting participants, please consider this website and the weekly newsletter to be resources for you as an affiliate.

If you are interested in receiving the weekly VTAC/CAR newsletter, email us with your name and preferred email address.

To post information about participant recruitment for a study, please send a brief description of the project to us.  The description should include 2-3 sentences describing the purpose of the project, who is eligible to participate, any compensation provided, who to contact for more information and timeline for the end of your recruitment period.

To post recruitment information for research assistants or field study positions, please email us the title and brief description of the research project. (No more than a few sentences.)  Also include:

  1. Position description, including hours per week and if it’s paid/unpaid
  2. Qualifications and experience required/preferred
  3. Start and end dates of position
  4. How interested students can contact you
  5. Timeline for recruitment (office use only). If the project is ongoing or you accept applicants on a rolling basis, include that information.

Unless otherwise noted, recruitment information will be removed each semester or updated at your request.  Please allow 3-5 business days for posting and publishing on the website.

Identifying funding sources and assistance with grant proposal submissions

Support is available to both identify relevant funding mechanisms as well as assist with grant proposals.  Contact us for more information.


To submit information about any request mentioned above, contact us here:



Become an Affiliate

To apply, send your CV, the following information and answers to your research statement to Angela Scarpa, Director, VTAC/CAR at or 3110 Prices Fork Rd, Blacksburg, Va. 24060. 

- Your name, email, phone, campus mailing address (or other), department, and a link to your professional website

- Is there a current VTCAR affiliate who has encouraged you to apply and if so, who?

Research Statement
  1. List 5 key words that best describe your research interests and/or the work that you do.
  2. Briefly describe how your affiliation with VTCAR will benefit your scholarship, as well as how your affiliation may benefit VTCAR.
  3. Indicate how your proposed work is supportive of the VTCAR mission to advance research in ASD and related conditions.
  4. Indicate how you might partner in research with faculty affiliates.


Information you submit will be reviewed by the VTCAR Steering Committee.


Current Affiliates

If you are a current affiliate, have an idea for a study and are looking for other investigators from across the university who may be able to collaborate or offer consultation, contact us and we will be happy to facilitate communication with other affiliates or investigators.