The Center’s newest outreach initiative is housed in a 29-foot RV that is expanding more ASD services into counties covered by the Mount Rogers Community Services Board or further southwest Virginia.  The MAC Team has installed AV equipment and renovated space to conduct parent/family mediated interventions for ASD.  Regular visits to these communities by the graduate student clinicians will provide parents and caregivers evidence-based treatment, with the goal being to empower families with additional skills on how to better support their children with Autism.  Clinicians also offer diagnostic assessments for those suspected of having Autism.  For more information, contact Jen Scott, the MAC Rural Outreach Coordinator, at 540.231.2053 or email


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Read our MAC Newsletters below to better understand our time in the field.

Mobile Autism Clinic Newsletter 1 Jan2019.pdf
Mobile Autism Clinic Newsletter 2 Spring 2019.pdf

The Mobile Autism Clinic Summer 2019 Schedule

This summer and fall, our MAC Team will focus on offering diagnostic assessments for those suspected of having autism.  Families whose primary residence is a county within the Mount Rogers Community Services Board (MRCSB) catchment area (Bland, Smyth, Wythe, Carroll, Grayson and Galax City) or further southwest are welcome to access services on the MAC RV.  

We will resume summer services on Wednesdays at the Galax Fernwood Center starting July 10, 2019.

For more information, call 540.231.2053 or email

Marion location:                                                                                                         MRCSB Riverchase Center at 121 Broad Street                                                    

Galax location:                                                                                                                MRCSB Fernwood Center at 6999 Carrollton Pike                                                        

Visit our Facebook page, the Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research, for information about the MAC's location each week and other regular updates.

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Turning the 2004 Itasca Spirit into the

Mobile Autism Clinic:

Through a generous donation from a VT Alum and funding from the Malone Foundation, a used RV was purchased, renovated and wrapped so our team could provide services to rural communities. 

2004 Itasca Spirit....before.
The wrapping process. Thank you Sign Spot and VT Fleet Services!
The Mobile Autism Clinic...after!
The back bedroom transformed into a meeting space.

The MAC in the news

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