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Stack of six colorful, leather bound books

Stack of six colorful, leather bound books

Congratulations to Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research affiliates and co-authors on these 2020 publications!

Emotion regulation, emotionality, and expression of emotions: A link between social skills, behavior, and emotion problems in children with ASD and their peers in Research in Developmental Disabilities by VT Pscyhology Department co-authors Nuri M. Reyes, Reina Factor, Angela Scarpa   


Access to Autism Spectrum Disorder Services for Rural Appalachian Citizens in the Journal of Appalachian Health by (affiliates) Angela Scarpa, Angela Dahiya, Denis Gracanin, Jordan Albright, Alyssa Gatto, Jen Scott; (co-authors) Laura Jensen, Sharon Ramey, L. Maria Ingram, Lisa Ruble


Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Their Comorbidity: Implications for Impairment in the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology by  (affiliates) Tyler McFayden, Angela Scarpa, Angela Dahiya, Thomas H. Ollendick; (co-author) Matthew A. Jarrett, Susan W. White



Most recent publications, alphabetical by Affiliate's last name:

R. Ashley and C. Parmeter.  2020.  “Sensitivity Analysis of OLS Multiple Regression Inference with Respect to Possible Linear Endogeneity in the Explanatory Variables, for Both Modest and for Extremely Large Samples”.  Econometrics (in press).

R. Ashley K. P. Tsang and Randal Verbrugge.  2020.  “A New Look at Historical Monetary Policy and the Great Inflation through the Lens of a Persistence-Dependent Policy Rule”.  Oxford Economic Papers (in press).

Broomell, A.P.R., Smith, C.L., Calkins, S.D., & Bell, M.A.  (2020). Context of maternal intrusiveness during infancy and associations with preschool executive function.  Infant and Child Development, 29, e2162.

Clark, E.A., Duncan, S.E., Bell, M.A., Lahne, J., Gallagher, D.L., & O’Keefe, S.F. (2020 pre-proof). Characterizing consumer emotional response to milk packaging guides interpretation of consumer behavior.  Food Quality and Preference.

Clark, E.A., Kessinger, J., Duncan, S.E., Bell, M.A., Lahne, J., Gallagher, D.L., & O’Keefe, S.F. (2020). The Facial Action Coding System for characterization of human affective response to consumer product-based stimuli: A systematic review.  Frontiers in Psychology / Emotion Science, 11, article 920.

Gartstein, M.A., Hancock, G.R., Potapova, N.V., Calkins, S.D., & Bell, M.A. (2020). Modeling development of frontal electroencephalogram (EEG) asymmetry: Sex differences and links with temperament.  Developmental Science, 23, e12891.

Helm, A.F., McCormick, S.A., Deater-Deckard, K., Smith, C.L., Calkins, S.D., & Bell, M.A. (2020). Parenting and children’s executive function stability across the transition to school.  Infant and Child Development, 29, e2171.

Liu, R., & Bell, M.A. (2020).  Fearful temperament and the risk for child and adolescent anxiety: The role of attention biases and effortful control.  Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 23, 205-228.

Liu, R., Calkins, S.D., & Bell, M.A. (2020 on-line). Frontal EEG asymmetry moderates the associations between negative temperament and behavioral problems during childhood. Development and Psychopathology.

Blankenship, T. L., Slough, M. A., Calkins, S. D., Deater-Deckard, K., Kim-Spoon, J., & Bell, M.A. (2019). Attention and executive functioning in infancy: Links to childhood executive function and reading achievement. Developmental Science, 22, e12824.

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Diaz, A., Swingler, M.S., Tan, L., Smith, C.L., Calkins, S.D., & Bell, M.A. (2019). Infant frontal EEG asymmetry moderates the association between maternal behavior and toddler negative affectivity.  Infant Behavior and Development, 55, 88-99.

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