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Clinical Services

All clinical services are offered through the VT Psychological Services Center (PSC) and the VT Child Study Center (CSC).  A licensed clinical psychologist supervises all clinical work, which is conducted by graduate student clinicians.  

Our belief is that all services must be ethical, evidence-based, humane, person-centered, and neurodiversity-affirming. We do not condone therapies that are targeted at reducing “autistic” behaviors (such as stimming, which is often used for soothing and self-regulation) or that use punishment.

Diagnostic Assessments

For families interested in comprehensive diagnostic assessment for children eighteen months through 16 years, contact the Child Study Center at or 540-231-8276.  Please note that given the nature of the CSC being a training clinic where graduate students receive extensive supervision for each assessment, we are limited to conducting 30 assessments per year.  The waitlist for comprehensive child assessments reaches out until further notice.  Please visit their website for updates.

For individuals or families interested in a comprehensive diagnostic assessment for adolescents and adults age 17 or older, please contact the Psychological Services Center at or 540-231-6914.


The Psychological Services Center provides individual, couple, family, and group therapies. Serving as as a training and research center for assessment, intervention, and prevention, graduate student clinicians treat clients with approaches validated by research and matched to the individual needs of the clients. For more information, please contact or 540-231-6914.

Additional Services

Our signature initiative, the Mobile Autism Clinic (MAC), aims to provide services to communities in further southwest Virginia by establishing partnerships with local community agencies and stakeholders.  Information about MAC services will be made available on our Participate in a Study webpage and via social media.

Our clinics also offer presentations, workshops, consultation, and programs to agencies, school systems, and businesses. For more information, email or call 540-231-8747 with your inquiry.

To learn about enrollment for a variety of our research studies, visit our VTCAR Participate in a Study page or the CSC's Current Research Studies page.


The cost for a comprehensive diagnostic assessment is based on a sliding scale and may be discounted depending on client's income and need. Due to our function as a training clinic, we are unable to accept insurance. Please call 540-231-6914 if you have questions or would like to discuss your specific situation.